Gift card

Gifts are small signs of attention that show how much we care about the dear person, how much we want to make her happy and put a smile on her face.
The beauty of giving is in the exchange of love and attention that means much more than the material value of the gift itself.
Still, in order for the surprise to be complete, it is important that the gift is appropriate to the person to whom it is offered.
LUNA GIFT CARD is the right choice for every lady who enjoys elegance, comfort and quality - at all times!


Every day is a good time to treat a dear person and bring a smile on her face.


How to get one?
•    LUNA GIFT CARD can be purchased at the nearest LUNA store.

• Any amount between RSD 1,000.00 (minimum amount) and RSD 100,000.00 (maximum amount) can be paid to the card.

• After the payment is made, the gift card is activated and ready to use within the amount paid. A certificate of the card activation is issued with the bill, with the indicated activation date and the exact amount.

• The card can be used in a period of 6 months from the day of activation.

How is it used?
•     LUNA GIFT CARD can be used to pay for a part or a whole bill in LUNA shops, for the purchase of any product from the range of the sales facility.

• The card may not be exchanged for cash and must be used within 6 months from the day of activation. During this period, it can be supplemented. Upon expiry of this deadline, the card becomes invalid and the unused amount will be void.

• You can use LUNA GIFT CARD either if you bought it personally or have received it as a gift.

• This card is the property of the issuer of the card (LUNA DOO) and does not read to the name of the user.

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