Behind our company, there is a beautiful female story, in which women create for women, with a lot of love and dedication woven into every thread of our models.Biljana Jovanović - owner and director of Luna fashion house. 
For more than two and a half decades, from the very beginning, we have been trying to satisfy all our ladies’ needs when it comes to quality, elegant and sophisticated clothes. We try to make LUNA ladies feel and look nicer, safer and more seductive.

The fashion company LUNA was founded in 1990 in Pozarevac, led by the desire of two ladies - mother and daughter - to create a brand dedicated to women who are self-confident, aware of their quality, who do not hide their femininity, but enjoy it!

Today, after two and a half decades of successful business, we can freely say that LUNA is one of the leaders in the textile industry of Serbia and a company that has developed a stable business system with over 180 employees, with a technologically equipped production area of ​​3000 m2 and a chain of its own concept stores and franchise. The quality assurance, in the first place, are the people who have achieved their business development right here, working for the company for more than 15 years. A great creative team that has as many as 98% of ladies creates, from season to season, collections to which women remain faithful.


The relationship with employees is based on the deep confidence that is the pillar of stability of the fashion company LUNA and encouraging to employees to strive for progress, experiencing every success of the company as their own.

Encouraged by the interest of customers, the fashion company LUNA has tripled the number of its retail outlets throughout Serbia in the last six years, while at the same time introducing the brand to the EU markets.


The LUNA brand is designed for ladies who are self-confident, aware of their qualities, who do not hide their femininity, but enjoy it!

We create models that follow the spirit and rhythm of a modern woman, her sensibility and her needs.

Our vision is that the first thought of every successful businesswoman of quality and comfortable clothes is the thought of LUNA!

By placing our products in different markets, we want to find the way to as many customers as possible, offering them quality in the first place, a wide selection of models, patterns and colours - for any time of the day, for any time of the year and for every occasion!

Customer relations

The key to the success of our company lies in fostering customer relations, recognizing and understanding their needs and finding ways for them to experience new and rare experiences with us and our models, to gain new insights and strengthen their internal energy by jointly supporting and cultivating traditional and prosperous values.

In line with our vision, we try to offer our LUNA ladies much more than good shopping, rewarding them for the consistency and loyalty of all these years.