Refund Procedure


The procedure for refunding of funds is simple and consists of several steps:


1. Please send us a filled-in refund form that you can download here and attach the necessary documentation to the email address

2. The online store operator will send you a confirmation of the validity of the information provided as well as a product return instruction.

3. Pack the product you intend to return carefully to ensure that no damage occurs in the transport. It is required to attach the invoice / dispatch note. The refund is made in accordance with the instructions you received from our operator, and depends on the basis for the refund.

4. We will refund funds in the shortest possible time, after receiving the product and verifying its proper status.

5. If you want to withdraw from the distance contract before delivery of the product, the money will be returned to you as soon as possible to the account from which you made the payment. Also, when we are unable to deliver the desired paid product, and you do not want other from our range, the money will be returned to you as soon as possible.


Without the prior agreement with operators in the online store, the delivered item cannot be sent directly, on one own’s accord, to the address from the invoice / delivery note or from this site. Any such package will be returned to the sender about his expense. Please do not leave items personally in any of the Luna retail stores in order to obtain the return of funds as this cannot be done.


Method and Cost of Refund


In the case of a refund for products that you have paid with one of the payment cards, we undertake to make the refund only through the payment card with which you made the payment (VISA, EC / MC, Maestro and other electronic payment methods). At the request of the seller, the bank will make a refund only to the account of the card user from which the item is paid. If you have paid your products with cash at takeover, we commit to paying your money either to your current account or to a payment card. Please keep in mind that in no case, under no circumstances, you can claim a refund in cash for a transaction made using a payment card, or for payments made in cash. The amount of money that you paid under a distance contract will be returned to you as soon as possible, without delay (at the latest within 14 days from the date of receipt of the statement of withdrawal and product). The costs of returning of goods and money shall be borne by the buyer in the event of a withdrawal from the distance contract or substitution of item for another item or another size of the same item. In case of non-conformity of the item, the delivery of the wrong item or item with the defect, the cost of transport of goods and money is borne by the Fashion House Luna.

Additional costs incurred by the customers outside the border of the Republic of Serbia (transport, customs, taxes, banking fees, etc.) are not subject to refund in case of withdrawal from the purchase / refund of purchased products. For these reasons, all valued customers who want to order our products for the first time or want the delivery beyond the borders of the Republic of Serbia, are suggested to consult in advance with our operator regarding all our product details in order to minimize any errors in the choice of model, size, design.

In each individual case, we will do our best to find a solution that will be acceptable to you.

Important: By confirming the order, by clicking the CONFIRM button, you agree to the terms of the refund.

Note: If you are unable to fill in the online form, please fill out all the information from the form in writing and submit it with the required attachment of the invoice / delivery note to the address Fashion House Luna, Baje Sekulica bb, 12000 Požarevac, Serbia.

In the event you have any objections, complaints, remarks, or similar, you can always contact us at or by regular mail to Fashion House Luna, Baje Sekulica bb, 12000 Požarevac, Serbia.

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