Style is a matter of personal commitment and aesthetics. Models of Luna Fashion House are easy to combine and wear, either by enjoying them to completely follow the line of your body or within casual combinations.

Please use the Size Guide as the basic parameter in assessing which size of the individual garment is appropriate for you. Please bear in mind that individual models differ in style and cut. In the table you can find approximate measures for each of the designated sizes.

The style of individual collections and garments varies from season to season so that the dimensions in the table are approximate and not exact. We ask all dear ladies who are selecting some of the exceptional products of the Luna brand for the first time, especially outside the territory of the Republic of Serbia, to use our support service before buying, in order for it to help them define exact measures that suit their personal style and desire. You can send an inquiry by email or Skype.

The aesthetics and fashion trends of individual collections vary from season to season. For this reason, apart from the measured dimensions, please consider the type and elasticity of the material from which the models are made, which is indicated in the description of each model. It is also important to note that some models (for example, dresses) are made of a combination of materials so that, for example, the upper part is elastic and lower not or vice versa. All remarks on this issue will be in the description of the model. Based on this information, choose the size and fitting that is adequate to your personal style and taste.

Measuring instructions                                                                                                                                                     

- Use a tailor meter (tape)
- When taking the measures, wear very little clothes
- To get more accurate measurements, ask someone to help you

Our recommendation in selecting the appropriate size is as follows:

  1. If the material is elastic or very elastic, you can choose the size that is slightly smaller than your measured dimensions
  2. If the material is inelastic, we suggest that you choose a size that fully matches your measured dimensions or is greater for a number
  3. If you have decided to buy a Luna model for the first time, please contact our operators via email / Skype call in order to select the appropriate size of the desired model.

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Tel: +381 12 719 52 47


* Sizes are expressed in cm

* All additional information is indicated in the description of each model